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Màn hình 300S

Màn hình 300S
Tên sản phẩmMàn hình 300S
Nhà sản xuấtAnilam
Bảo hành18 tháng
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The 300S is equipped with a 5.7” LCD monitor that replaces the cathode-ray monitor of the VRO300. The “soft keys” are used for diverse functions, mainly for operation and parameterization. The monitor is the same one currently used in the 200S series. In addition, the 300S is capable of all the functions of a programmable counter, such as the creation, editing, storing and running of programs. Numerous programs with differing names can be saved in the program list.


Milling Specific Features

  • Bolt hole pattern calculations with graphics (full and partial circles/linear patterns)
  • Centerline calculation enables you to establish work piece zero and midpoints
  • Edge finder/touch probe input









Turning Specific Features

  • Lock axis feature
  • Instant radius/diameter conversion
  • Taper Calculator



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Application Milling, drilling, turning
Axes 2, 3, and 4 from A to Z and Z0
Encoder inputs TTL
Display step Adjustable, max. 7 digits
Linear axis: 1 mm to 0.0001 mm
Angular axis: 1° to 0.001° (00° 00' 01'')
Display 5.7” monochrome flat-panel display for position values,
dialogs and inputs, and soft keys
Status display Tool, reference point, operating function, feed rate, ABS/INC, mm/inch, stopwatch
Axis display Standard
  • 10 reference points
  • 99 tools
  • REF reference-mark evaluation for distance-coded or single reference marks
  • Distance-to-go mode
  • Axis Coupling
  • Scaling factor
  • mm/inch switching
  • Absolute-incremental display
  • On-screen help and operating instructions
  • Graphic positioning support (Near Zero warning)
  • Pocket calculator
For turning
  • Taper calculator
  • Radius/diameter switching
  • Freezing the tool position for back-off
  • Vectoring: X/Y display of the traverse path with inclined top slide
For milling/drilling/boring
  • Calculation of positions for hole patterns (circular and linear patterns)
  • Tool radius and tool length compensation
  • Probing functions for reference-point acquisition with Edge Finder: "Edge," "Centerline" and "Circle center"
Cycles Oblique line, circular arcs; only for milling, drilling, boring: circular and linear hole patterns
Error compensation
  • Axis error: Linear and nonlinear over up to 200 points
  • Backlash compensation: for compensation of reversal error
Data interface RS-232-C/V.24 300 to 115 200 baud
Switching I/O
  • Input for Edge Finder (with switching signal or contact triggering)
  • Further input/outputs over the IOB 49 external input/output unit
Accessories Tilt/swivel mount, mounting arm, Edge Finder (for milling)
Power connection 100 V~ to 240 V~ (–15 % to +10 %), 47 Hz to 63 Hz; 30 W
Operating temperature 0° C to 45° C
Protection (IEC 60 529) IP 40 (IP 54 front panel)
Weight 2.6 kg

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